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Monday, November 22, 2010

Busch North Scene: A Ten Year Retrospective

The book has been officially released, and I thought the book launch party at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn was a great success - as was the after party that night at the Turner Highlands.
I want to thank everyone that took part in that very special day to me.
I hope everyone that purchased a book has had the opportunity to read at least some of it by now. Please be sure to share your comments and thoughts here on this blog! I am looking forward to hearing some feedback on the book.
If anyone would like to purchase a copy, or would like additonal copies to use as gifts this Christmas, please send $20 per softcover or $30 per hardback plus $5 shipping for one, $8 shipping for 2 or $10 for up to 6.
Send a check or money order to:
Busch North Scene
542 Pleasant Pond Rd
Turner, ME 04282
Thanks again to everyone for their support!