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Monday, November 22, 2010

Busch North Scene: A Ten Year Retrospective

The book has been officially released, and I thought the book launch party at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn was a great success - as was the after party that night at the Turner Highlands.
I want to thank everyone that took part in that very special day to me.
I hope everyone that purchased a book has had the opportunity to read at least some of it by now. Please be sure to share your comments and thoughts here on this blog! I am looking forward to hearing some feedback on the book.
If anyone would like to purchase a copy, or would like additonal copies to use as gifts this Christmas, please send $20 per softcover or $30 per hardback plus $5 shipping for one, $8 shipping for 2 or $10 for up to 6.
Send a check or money order to:
Busch North Scene
542 Pleasant Pond Rd
Turner, ME 04282
Thanks again to everyone for their support!


  1. I hope everyone has enjoyed their books, I look forward to hearing your feedback!

    George Campbell
    Author, Busch North Scene: A Ten Year Retrospective

  2. Jolleen Purington YoungNovember 22, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Hey, we went to the Hilton Garden for the book signing but were there on the wrong know Edna, she had me and Evawn both there, so I ended up missing the signing...I figure if I buy the book you will still sign for me. Can't wait to read it!! Talk to you soon.

  3. Good book, I am about 50 pages in so far and already having great memories and a lot of laughs. Thanks for doing this.

  4. The book is fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos! Can't wait for you to write the next one so we can have another After that you are a famous author, do you think you can get Eric a gig singing at Fenway during the 7th Inning Stretch?!?!

  5. The book is amazing. So many memories and such great times. You definitely need to write about the 90's.

  6. Soup - the book is fantastic! I am really enjoying it. Sure brings back a lot of memories. You should definitely do a book about the 90's.

  7. Thanks for the positive comments! I am trying hard to promote and sell the book so the publisher will sign on for a follow up next year. I have several book signings coming up, starting with Books N Things in Norway, ME on December 4th. Also planning one at the Augusta Motorsports Show in January as well as my Charity Ride in Rangeley in February then another at Andy Santerre's Charity Sno Ride in Caribou, Maine the follwoing weekend.

    Keep the comments coming. I would be very interested to know what people like best about this book so if I do another, I will have a better idea of what people like to read about most. Thanks again.

  8. This book tells the backstory of the Busch North Series.... it tells why we all did what we did and why we loved it so much: the personalities, the traveling, the memorable moments. I especially love the personal stories, like the airplane on three cylinders (don't want to give too much away)! This book is a must read for any fan of the series! It's a fantastic read that you will leave you wanting for more!

  9. Annatte Dolbeare, who has a couple photos in the book, was at the book signing and she took a bunch of great photos. She was kind enough to post them online and share the link with us:

  10. What a fantastic book and to hear that you have enough for a follow-up is fantastic. The book brought back many memories. This is definitely a "keeper." Great job on your first effort. Can't wait for the next one!

    Gail Gianunzio
    1/4Ley Racing